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Flickr: from creatingkoanToo many individuals and organizations build a static website and think, voilà! I have a web presence! But the web has come so far since that type of approach was sufficient. The most savvy web surfers expect content online that is fresh and tailored to them. They demand an open line of communication. And they want all that in a package that is as easy to navigate as it is to find.

MultimediaMomma specializes not only in assisting clients in building a multifacteted presence online, but empowering clients to update that presence on their own through education and support. We know what it is like to need a fix to a website, only to be unable to contact the developer. We also know what it is like to have a clumsy and cumbersome interface that makes simple updates a chore (or worse!). We know what it is like to be overwhelmed by a wave of technology and lack the time necessary to learn it all. That is why MultimediaMomma is here.

Multimedia Momma uses web-based applications that are intuitive and easy to use, which means you are more likely to enhance your presence on a regular basis. That in turn improves the visibility of your web presence and boosts your online brand, a.k.a search engine optimization (or in layman’s terms, the Googles and Yahoos of the world like you!). And that is a good thing.

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